Heart Topiary Assembly Tutorial

Heart Topiary Assembly Tutorial

Heart topiary assembly tutorial

This is a fun way to add some greenery to your Valentines day decor! I made two of these, and put them on either side of my mantle. Add in a flag with a hand drawn message for a loved one! This paper heart topiary also makes a really great cake topper, or make mini ones for cupcakes!

What you’ll need:

1 sheet 12×12 green cardstock

1 dowel


A small pot & filler

Heart Topiary cut file found in the Silhouette Design Store


How to:

Use your Silhouette to cut the design out of a green cardstock. The design is laid out in Silhouette Studio so you can easily assemble the topiary.

Arrange the branches around the heart base, so you can get an idea of how you want the branches positioned.

Starting from the top of the heart, start glueing down the branches. These top pieces, I use glue on the whole branch. For the pieces later on, just put glue on the base of the branch. This adds some dimension to the topiary.

Work your way down the left side, making sure the glue dries before moving to the piece below. Repeat on the right side, working from top down.

Your heart is complete!

For the base of your topiary, grab an old flower pot & fill it with some dried northern white beans. You could also use pebbles for the filler. We want something that will hold the dowel & topiary in place. Alternatively, the topiary makes a cute cake topper!

Place your dowel into the flower pot, and arrange your topiary to the height that you want. Remove both the dowel and topiary, and cut the dowel at the right height. Use adhesive to attach the topiary to the dowel. Depending on how large you cut your topiary, it may need some reinforcement to hold it up. Mine was fine, but you could use some wire or another heart piece on the back if you’re worried. Display and enjoy!


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