Paper Mailbox Assembly Tutorial

Paper Mailbox Assembly Tutorial

Paper Mailbox Assembly Tutorial


What you’ll need:

1 sheet 12×12 kraft cardstock

1 sheet 12×12 red cardstock

1 sheet 12×12 white cardstock

1 brad

Adhesive or glue

3D Mailbox cut file found in the Silhouette Design Store


How to:

Ungroup the file in Silhouette Studio, and separate the pieces by what color of cardstock you want them cut out of. Cut out the shapes using your Silhouette CAMEO, Silhouette Curio, or Silhouette Portrait.


Let’s assemble the door to the mailbox. Take one of the edge pieces, with the spiky tops, and adhere the design pieces to it. I cut those out of a white cardstock. We need to give the door an edge. Fold down the side tabs, as well as the spiky top tabs, towards the back of the door. The long, thin strip is the edge piece. Using adhesive or glue, adhere the edge piece to the folded down tabs. Our door is ready.


The next step is assembling the arched top of the mailbox, and the back. This is similar to assembling the door, except our edge piece is now the top, and much wider. Fold down the side tabs, as well as the spiky top tabs. Before you adhere the arched top, look where the hole is positioned on the top piece. That hole is for the flag of the mailbox. When you’re looking a the back of the mailbox, the hole needs to be on the right side, and positioned close to the door of the mailbox, and not the back. Once you have that in position, use glue or adhesive to adhere the top piece to the back, using those folded tabs. The front of the mailbox will be a bit warped at this point. That will be fixed soon.


Now that we have the top piece assembled, let’s attach it to the bottom piece. Fold up the edges on the bottom piece. Using glue or adhesive, adhere the back & sides of the top piece onto the bottom piece. There will be a tab in the front of the mailbox. This is where we will attach the door.


Before we attach the door, we’ll attach the flag on the side. Hold the flag so the top is flat, and the bulk is away from you. Stick the brad into the hole on the right side. Stick the brad into the hole on the mailbox, and flatten the wings. The flag is attached!


Silhouette Design Store Mailbox - Furrow and Feather

The last thing left is to attach the door. Put adhesive or glue on the tab at the front of the mailbox. Attach the door & let dry!

This project is so fun. I’ve styled it for Valentines day here, to use as a fun box for a child’s Valentines, but absolutely cut it out of your choice of cardstock, and make it your own!


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  • Brianne McDivitt


    I just purchased this from the design store and when I tried to open the file, a pop up appeared saying “The file type you are attempting to access is not supported”. Why am I not able to open it? (I have Designer Edition)

    • Katie Jarman

      Hi Brianne! I actually don’t have control on the back end, but I’ll get in touch with Silhouette & see what the problem might be for you. Thanks for letting me know!

    • Sabrina Gagnon

      Same thing happened to me! Thanks for posting- my 5 year old is sitting next to me wanting to start ‘her project’ and I can’t figure out whats up!

      • Brianne McDivitt

        I emailed Silhouette about it and they gave me a few suggestions as to what to do to fix it, but none of their solutions worked. I’ve asked them to refund me, which they are in the process of doing. I recommend that you consider doing the same seeing as we aren’t getting a reply from this website. I don’t think I’ll be purchasing from this designer again.

        • Katie Jarman

          Hi there Brianne. I’ve reached out to Silhouette to see what the problem might be, and haven’t heard anything back yet. I don’t have any access to the back end.
          I’m pretty discouraged with their reply to you… Thanks for making me aware of the problem!
          If you want to send me an email at, I can send over the .svg or studio file as an email attachment, so you can get started on your project in the mean time.
          Thanks Brianne!

      • Katie Jarman

        Oh no! So weird this is happening to more than one person. I still haven’t heard back from Silhouette on what might be the problem, but as soon as I do I’ll let you know! Hopefully you can get your 5 year old started on ‘her’ project soon. 🙂

        • Sabrina Gagnon

          Thanks for the email- the file worked perfectly! Great afternoon project for my little one 🙂

      • Katie Jarman

        In the mean time, if you want to send me an email at, I can actually send over the file as an email attachment so you guys can build your mailbox! Thanks Sabrina.

  • Jocelyn Oei


    Hi Katie, I just purchased the design form the Silhouette store and received the same error message “The file type you are attempting to access is not supported.” I’m a room mom, and was hoping to make these for my son’s the classroom in time for Valentine’s Day. Any hope in getting a fix for the file? The mailbox is sized just right for valentine cards…Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!

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