DIY Natural Christmas Wreath

Today I’m sharing with you how to make your own homemade Christmas wreath, using the extra branches from your Christmas tree! You could also use branches or foliage your find around your property or neighborhood. We always have to cut off the bottom branches on our Christmas trees, so they’ll fit in the stand. Instead of throwing away those branches, turn them into beautiful & natural Christmas wreath!

diy natural christmas wreath_katie jarman photo 1
Just a heads up, this is a messy project! You’ll be cleaning up pine needles for a while after making a wreath, and you’ll spot the occasional bug. 🙂 Make sure to do this in an area that can be easily swept.

You’ll need:

  • 1 wire hanger for the base
  • Smaller gauge wire (I used 22 gauge)
  • A couple of pine branches
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors or a garden pruner for the branches
  • Any extra foliage you’d like to include

diy natural christmas wreath_katie jarman photo 2
First we’re going to made the base for the wreath. Take an old wire hanger, the kind you get from the dry cleaners, or that’s hiding in a back closet, and bend it into a circular shape. Bend the hook of the hanger over, and use wire cutters to cut off the end of the hook. You’ll now have the stump of the hook left, we need to make this flush with the rest of our wire base. Bend it over so it’s as flush with the wire hoop as possible. Use some of your smaller gauge wire, and wrap around the stump and the wire hoop, so it doesn’t stick out & scratch you.

diy natural christmas wreath_katie jarman photo 3
We need to break down the large branches into smaller pieces. Take your garden pruners or scissors & start taking off the smaller off shoots from your pine branches. You’ll get a variety of sizes & shapes, that we’ll use during different stages in making the wreath. We’ll be using the smallest sprigs first. Lay out your wire hoop, and start arranging the smaller sprigs around it. I worked counter clockwise, laying the sprigs facing the left, with the ends on the right. Once you have your small springs laid down, start wrapping your wire around the small sprigs, and your wire hoop. We’re essentially bunching them together.

diy natural christmas wreath_katie jarman photo 4
At this stage, your wreath should look similar to the one above. We’re just creating the base of the wreath.

diy natural christmas wreath_katie jarman photo 5
Now that we have our main base done, we’re going to go in with our second layer.  Take the medium sized sprigs and slide them into the wire we wrapped around the first base. Again, working in a counter clockwise fashion. If you need to secure down ends of branches, you can wrap more wire around the wreath. Just make sure you insert branches that will cover the wire, you don’t want any wire poking out when you hang the wreath.

diy natural christmas wreath_katie jarman photo 6
Your wreath should look similar to the one above. More filled in, but you can still see some of the wire, and it has some spots that look a little bare.

diy natural christmas wreath_katie jarman photo 7
Now we take the largest branches, with lots of off-shoots. We’re going to use these to fill out & finalize the wreath. Again, stick the ends of the branches into the wire wraps. This should hold them in place. Position them to fill out bare areas, cover wire, and to give the wreath a more circular shape.

diy natural christmas wreath_katie jarman photo 8    Now feel free to add in any extras you’d like! This part is optional. I cut some rosemary sprigs from my garden to add into my wreath. Rosemary tends to be more woody, and is much less formable than pine! I like the subtle contrast it gives, and the smell is even more amazing.

Any extra pine sprigs can be made into mini wreaths, or throw them in your fireplace if you have one for a yummy smelling fire.

That’s it! Enjoy your wreaths everyone, and Merry Christmas!

diy natural christmas wreath

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