Thanksgiving paper cut boxes – Assembly Instructions

Silhouette Design Store Paper Thanksgiving Boxes - Furrow and Feather

Thanksgiving papercut boxes – Assembly Instructions

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Thanksgiving papercut boxes – Assembly Instructions

Another fun cutting file for this Thanksgiving season, Thanksgiving Paper Boxes! I love the paper cut outs at the top, they’ll let you see the goodies inside the boxes! If you wanted, you could place a piece of vellum on the underside of the lid, if these are being transported & you don’t want things falling out.

You’ll need one or more of my Thanksgiving box cutting files found in the Silhouette Design Store (found here). You’ll need 2 colors of cardstock, of your choice. Patterned paper would also look cute! I used a basic textured cardstock, about 65 lb. Also adhesive or glue.

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Assembly steps:

1. Cut the designs out of your cardstock. I used a bright orange for the lid, and a kraft for the base. I wanted the cut design to really ‘pop’.
2. Take your cut out lid piece. Fold down on the score lines, and fold in the tabs. This will be the lid.
3. Place adhesive or glue on the tabs, and secure to the corresponding edges.
4. You now have your lid completed.
5. Now we assemble the bottom piece.
6. Fold the edges up, and fold in the tabs. Place adhesive or glue on the tabs, and secure to the corresponding edges.
7. Your bottom piece is now assembled.
8. Take both your lid & bottom piece, & place the lid on your box. Easy!
9. Your box is now finished! Fill it with goodies or acorns, or use it as a centerpiece. Enjoy!
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